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Wraith LOL:  Dave vs. Balaran Plague Survivor by VelvetKevorkian333
Wraith LOL: Dave vs. Balaran Plague Survivor
What's really happening:  (Season 5/Episode 12: "The Outsiders")  A bunch of plague survivors from a planet called Belar have been hiding out in a small village on another planet.  When the Wraith show up and demand that they turn the Belarans over to him (because they are immune to the Wraith, they are now a threat), the village leaders do as their told.  But at the last minute, one of the Belarans - Sefaris - makes a deal with the Wraith Commander (Dave) that if he spares his life, he will take the Wraith leader to a more valuable target: Carson Beckett (who helped to engineer the poisonous substance that kills the Wraith when they try to feed).  But once Dave gets what he wants, he kills Sefaris (which takes place off screen so we never actually see it happen).  
What I decide happens:  Dave is the latest character to be the subject of another famous internet meme quote!  Yami Bakura evil laughter 
Wraith LOL (McKay vs. Tracker) by VelvetKevorkian333
Wraith LOL (McKay vs. Tracker)
The text is a popular internet meme quote, usually added to photos that seem to fit the description, usually insinuating a fight has broken out.  In this case, it was the perfect caption for this screen cap of Rodney McKay fighting with one of the "Tracker" Wraith. 
SGA Wraith FB Timeline Cover: Jimmy from Rising. by VelvetKevorkian333
SGA Wraith FB Timeline Cover: Jimmy from Rising.
I really like how this came out.  I'm always coming up with good ideas for these things.  I think this is my own personal favorite of all right now.  :)
She got me another 3-month membership this Christmas!  She rocks!  Now....what fun things shall I do while I have this lovely gift..... *ponders a prifle and journal design* 
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Autumn Noxx
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"Like a fine whine, I get bitter with age!" - Yours Truly

Quotes I've Found Amusing or Funny:
"hehehe a vegetarian wraith, what does he do? Life suck a carrot or something?" - Nightingale via Gateworld forum
(on James Lafazanos being a vegetarian)

JOHN SHEPPARD: You need me to get off this planet. I'm the only one who can fly that ship.
GREG "THE DEFIANT ONE" WRAITH: I will use your dead hands to operate its controls!

"Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away." - Sephiroth (FFVII)

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Extend all boundaries.
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Deviate at every point.
Forego no succulent filth.
Masquerade as the author of every platitude.
Cause the unseen eyes to open.
Expose oneself to every ridicule.
Admire only the absurd.
Follow the plundering whirlpool to its source.
Burrow beneath the subconscious.
Obey each outrageous impulse.
Commit one's company to all enchantments.
Return to a place remote from one's native land.

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